Acne: The Struggle is Real

Growing up as a teen I never struggled with acne. Sure I’d get the occasional pimple or breakout, but I never suffered from full blown acne. Once I reached my late teens I had assumed that I was one of the lucky ones who just never had to deal with it, I didn’t know there was adult acne. Here’s my story and the products that helped me through my struggle.


When I was 20 years old I stopped taking my birth control pill so we could start a family. Within a couple of weeks I started breaking out all over my face like never before. I tried every face wash I could buy at the drug store, nothing was helping. I literally cried. My face looked horrible, and you can’t cover it with makeup, we all know it makes it worse. So I decided to give Proactiv a try. I remember it taking almost a month to even notice a difference. It was fighting my problem but it wasn’t solving it, and it was drying my face out really bad. I wasn’t 100% happy with the product but it was the best I had found so far. I ended up using Proactiv for about a year and a half.

The month I got pregnant, my skin cleared up almost instantly and stayed clear my entire pregnancy. I thought everything was back to normal, it wasn’t. After I stopped nursing my daughter, my acne started right back up again. This lead me to believe it was a hormonal issue, but I really didn’t want to get back on birth control. We had made some new healthy changes in our lives and I didn’t want to mess with my natural cycle or hormones.


This is about the time I was introduced to Paula’s Choice Skin Care. I am always so cautious trying anything new on my face. My skin is so sensitive, I never know what the outcome will be, but it worked! Even better is, it didn’t dry my face out! I used the Clear for Acne regular strength system, but only the face wash and exfoliant. There was a treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide, but I never tried it because I’ve had a history of products with peroxide bleaching my shirts from residue on my face.

Then summer rolled around and I started breaking out a little more again, not as extreme, but I was scared it would get there. So, I went against what I wanted and got back on birth control to keep things from progressing. Things got better but I was still struggling with breakouts once in a while and dealing with them not clearing up quickly. I even tried washing my face with coconut oil for a while. Love that method, but just a little inconvenient for my beauty routine as a mom.  I should actually try that a few times a week right now to deal with the horribly dry, itchy skin I’m suffering with. This winter is taking a toll on me!


Well, if you don’t already know, I am a huge supporter of direct sales and women working on side hustles. I saw a friend on facebook sharing about Rodan and Fields. I already knew they were the creators of Proctiv so didn’t have much interest in trying them but then I went to an event invite and talked to some other ladies who had also tried Proactiv and Paula’s Choice. Everyone told me R&F was nothing like the Proactiv brand and that they loved it even more than Paula’s. So, I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did! All summer I used R&F and my already minimal breakouts decreased, and my acne scarring started to fade! I use the Unblemish system a majority of the time but have a few other face washes on hand I use once in a while. Because of my skin being so sensitive I can’t use too many products at once. The Unblemish system has 4 products but I can only use 1 or 2, but I do love the Oil Control moisturizer during the summer!

Now here we are and it is Winter, it is dry, and I am pregnant and itchy all over. R&F started drying out my face a little so I had to switch back to Paula’s Choice face wash and skip the toners & exfoliants completely and only use Rejuveniqe Oil for moisturizer. I think I have finally figured out my skin (I hope). In the summer I have Normal/Acne Prone/Sensitive skin and in the winter I have Dry/Sensitive skin. I am so happy I found two products that help me out during the season changes. This time when I got off my birth control, I didn’t breakout like I did 4 years ago. Yes, this has been a 4 year journey for me and I am hoping it is over! I’ve found two brands of product I absolutely love, that keep my skin clear, and do a quick job of clearing up the occasional breakouts I do get from stress or that time of the month.

Many times I’ve thought about how crazy it is that the appearance of our face can effect us that much. I remember the horrible feeling when I first started struggling with severe acne. I was working a customer service job and every person I talked to, all I could think is ‘they’re probably staring at my face’, and of course they are because that where people look when they talk to you! You literally cannot hide acne, and that is the worst. The struggle is so real! All I can say is, I will never take clear skin for granted again and I really hope I never have to watch my daughters go through that. If they do, at least I’ve found some go to skin care products to help them out!

If you are struggling with acne or can relate, I feel for you and wish you the best! If you have found some remedies that work for you, share them! You may help someone else who is struggling with this!


*Please view Disclaimer ,  and also know I am not a Rodan & Fields rep, just a product lover. I am also not part of the Paula’s Choice Affiliate program but I do love their products!

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