Our First Week Living Tiny

I’m a little late on this post, it’s been 10 days since we moved into our tiny home. For those of you that don’t know, we moved out of our 3 bedroom, 1600sqft house and into a cozy, 400sqft, tiny home. I thought it would take a while to get use to, but adjusting has been really easy. The amount of space is perfect for us, we just need to get around to purchasing a few more storage and organizing things (shelves, cubbies, etc.).

Our closet is a mess and in desperate need of storage solutions and organization. Slowly but surely. Oh, and I’m way behind on laundry, anyone want to come wash clothes for me?

We moved from Ada, OK, population 17,300, to the outskirts of Checotah, population 3,200. I cannot express how much I love small towns and living in the country. We are in a little community just off I-40 on Lake Eufaula. There’s barely any traffic on our gravel road, I went for a 30 minute walk this morning at 6:30am and not one car passed me by. Since we are by the lake, a lot of the property owners are seasonal or only come up on the weekends, but there is a fair share of full timers as well. Brynlee is so happy to be outside more and I don’t have to worry about her playing by a busy street. Our neighbors are the girls’ godparents/Aunts so Brynlee is always walking over to see what they are up to. She gets a much better sense of freedom out here as she roams the 3 lots of property and I love watching her be outside using her imagination, rather than watching TV or playing with toys inside all day.

Keeping the house clean is super easy and can be done quickly, which I am so happy about. We don’t have a dishwasher so that means I am doing dishes all day to keep the sink clear and have dishes clean for the next meal. We have to utilize a lot of above cabinet, and top of refrigerator storage space. Being only 5’4″, I am constantly climbing up on stools to access things in the kitchen. Tidying up is an all day task, because as quick as it is to clean, its even quicker to get messy, so I’m learning to clean on the go. We are still unpacking and arranging things, but I can already tell there will be enough room for everything we need while still leaving open living space.

I LOVE our tiny kitchen. We still need to put up backsplash and wall storage under the cupboards, and cooking took a couple days getting use to but otherwise it’s perfect!

The one thing that is going to be a constant adjustment is the noise factor. Freddie wakes up very early to commute two hours to work. I don’t mind being woken up, I usually get up when he leaves to have time for myself anyway. Then I’m stuck for several hours trying to get my workout in, things straightened up for the day, and keep myself busy while still staying quiet so I don’t wake the girls. It’s not that difficult but it does take some time getting use to. Good thing I love quiet mornings, and don’t mind spending a lot of that time outside. During Bradley’s naps, Brynlee has had to learn to keep quiet. If it’s not too hot I try to take her outside to play. For the most part it has gone pretty well and everyone is getting enough sleep. Our video baby monitor has been amazing!!

Loft life has been great! It stays pretty dark up there so we all sleep really well. It’s almost 9am and Bradley is still sleep while Bryn is awake watching her morning cartoons. Going up and down the ladder with Bradley has been working out really well, too. When she starts crawling around, we will really have to make sure she knows the loft rules or I won’t be able to leave her up there alone to sleep in the mornings. We will cross that bridge when we get to it and I know everything will work out.

Our fold up ladder is awesome! Also, you can see we used a dresser for the TV console so we have more clothes storage. Multipurpose furniture is key!

Going tiny has been one of the best decisions we’ve made (so far). While this tiny home is temporary, for 5-10 years, we do plan on building another tiny home in the future. With a custom layout, we think a tiny home is perfect for families. Our next one will be under 600sqft, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a large loft. We know that when the girls reach their teens they will want their privacy, so the next layout will take that into consideration. We will also need a home that we can grow old in where we won’t have to climb a ladder everyday, even though it’s no problem right now.

It’s safe to say we will be happy with our tiny living journey and this is definitely a life we are happy with living!

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